Google Panda Algorithm – Has it affected your ranking?

Google Panda Algorithm


Within the search engine optimisation community for the past several months there’s been a great deal of discussion, as well as unrest, regarding several significant algorithm improvements created by Google. For everybody who doesn’t understand what an algorithm change might be as well as DotComSecrets Birmingham, allow me to have a speedy second to spell it out.

Google Panda Algorithm and Principles

Google provides a group of principles it utilizes to ascertain the place where a web page ought to rank in their search engine results.  This particular set of principles is known as Google’s algorithm. This contains a substantial amount of information which many of us know about, as well as a lot that is certainly kept “extremely” top secret within the walls of Google. Exactly what the algorithm attempts to achieve is to obtain the more appropriate web pages to show up within the search engine rankings, with regards to the particular keyword.

At this point let me return to the recent modification (Google Panda Algorithm) , allow me to introduce this just by stating Google changes it’s algorithm constantly which generally has no significant impact on nearly all web pages.  This particular newest up-date known as “Google panda Algorithm” has been much more than the usual fine-tune, this was launched for the US search engine rankings last February (2011) and had a significant effect on more than 12% of just about all US based webpages (luckily our own clients were genuinely not affected and several increased placements on account of this Google Panda Algorithm, I am going to arrive at the reason why in a minute).  Within the latest days Google has modified the actual “panda” update, through what we can deduce, about three instances and it has additionally launched this for all English speaking nations.

Why so much interest and exactly why am I bothering to invest precious time composing a article about this Google Panda Algorithm? The modification was supposing to deal with what Google called content farms, websites such as poor quality article directories where by webmasters published poor quality content articles with very little help to the reader, however, they wound up performing a lot more than that.  The majority of the websites which were toughest hit utilised either these types of content farms as backlinks to their websites or forum profiles.  A forum user profile hyperlink is often a popular backlinking method, essentially this is a hyperlink within the “about me” area an individual generates when signing up to take part inside a community forum.

At this point in order to advise why I felt it was vitally important to inform businesses within the non search engine marketing community regarding this change I need to tell a short story.  I actually received an email  today from a prospective client who was seeking to make use of our services with regard to a well-liked nearby service company within the Birmingham area.  Right after speaking with her for some time I uncovered she had already been paying a nearby seo company more than £900.00 per month to complete her search engine optimisation after a little additional investigation we identified they were transmitting about 500 forum profile backlinks per month to her web pages.  She explained that she went to the top of page two in Nevember 2010 following about five months with this particular business and merely last month her company website slipped to page 7 and has not recovered.

Well as you’ve witout a doubt figured out the decrease had been because of the panda update and the particular devaluation of user profile backlinks .  why don’t we discuss exactly what this particular search engine optimisation firm might have done different with their backlink building strategy to ensure this company had been protected against algorithm modifications.  It depends on variety of hyperlinks, the method Google chooses if your webpage is applicable is through the websites and webpages linking to sites along with the key phrases (anchortext) they utilise to generate the hyperlink.

Google Panda Algorithm and Backlinks

And then we need to have backlinks to make our website appropriate in Googles eyes to our keywords but exactly how must all of us start obtaining these types of backlinks and from what sources.  This is when backlink variety is necessary these types of backlinks have to be created at additional authority websites.  Whilst ensuring you aren’t placing all of your eggs in a single basket.  Recently I read an article from a nearby website design company that after 1 of their customers employed DotComSecrets Birmingham (for SEO Birmingham) for their search engine optimisation services made the decision they would begin providing seo services.  Therefore, they went out and purchased a software program which submits content articles to article directory sites, that is fantastic we sometimes make use of similar software programs (and also get it done manually so it looks more natural), however, this is their whole seo technique, which is simply requesting trouble.  One easy algorithm modification and just about all their customers are likely to drop like stones within the search engine rankings.

SIDE NB: Notice I use clients when refering to my clients and customers for this web design businesses.  The reason is DotComSecrets Birmingham uses a consultative approach which entails online and offline strategies to make businesses more money.  Just using a piece of software for a customer doesn’t get further away from our Consultative Approach.

Here’s what we perform – we produce a extremely varied backlinking framework to make certain that our clients are shielded from alterations in any kind of search engines like the google panda algorithm.  For this reason our clients noticed improvement during the last modification.  Backlink building needs to appear as organic as possible as well as integrated sections to maintain a organic flow, 500 forum profiles per month ( just when was the last occasion you manually signed up at 500 forums all inside the same 30 days?) or submitting five thousand replicated articles to the same 500 article sites each month will not appear organic within the eyes of Google as well as in the long term will cause your website to endure the FURY of Google.  If you wish to discuss ways to diversify your own backlink building strategy or even want to begin an online marketing strategy give us a ring on 07866 493197 and then we can go over exactly what will work most effectively for your company and help you stay ranking high for many years to come.

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