Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?


So, on the 21st April 2015 Google are rolling out, what can only be called a penalty for sites that are not mobile responsive. Now, people are arguing whether this is a big deal or not.

Fuck what everyone else is saying. This is my take, and why I believe it will hurt general organics as well if your site is not responsive/mobile friendly.

First, the penalty is supposedly only for searches done on mobile device. So, non responsive sites will no longer rank on mobile devices. “Yeah, so I don’t care” I hear you say. Here’s why you should:

  • Over 50% of all web traffic is mobile
  • You will lose traffic to your websites, meaning you could lose desktop rankings too

Why could you lose desktop rankings?

OK, so I have tested this loads using PPC either from Bing, Google or facebook the results have always been the same. When Google is used to seeing traffic come from a particular source and you stop that traffic rankings can drop.

I have had clients turn off paid advertising and seen rankings drop afterwards. The reason for this is simple, less traffic (less engaged traffic) can be a sign that the site is no longer AS relevant as it once was.

This is recoverable but takes time. How long depends on lots of factors.

So, losing your mobile traffic could also hurt your desktop rankings. How do you know how much mobile traffic you get? Check your analytics, below is a screen shot:

analytics mobile traffic


So, thats how to see how much mobile traffic you have or may lose. What about fixing this?

Well first we need to find out whether this is going to affect you and your clients. This is simple, we go to the Google Mobile Test here and put in our URL.

If all is fine we will get a GREEN this is mobile friendly, if not we will get something similar to the below:

google mobile friendly test


What’s the Fix?

If the website is WordPress this is a simple fix, just to be ready and can be redesigned at a later date. You just need to instal JetPack or WP Touch and you’re done. With JetPack you just need to make sure that you select the box to make it responsive like below:


What happens if the site is not wordpress? Well, this is an ideal time for you to offer a site redesign and include the responsive layout. If you’re agency does not offer web work then go out and find a strategic partner who does and provide them the work for a 20% finders fee. Then, also ask them for their clients Marketing Work – WIN WIN.

Now, go out and speak to every site owner you know and fix this for them. And, charge a fee accordingly 🙂

Anyway, Any Aladdin is still currently being offered at an affordable ONE OFF COST – Go get it, it is a great tool.

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