Last Day Before Price Increase – Proof Enclosed


Happy Sunday to you.

Midnight EST tonight the price of Bam Bam Backlinks goes up to $97 without the RSS Plugin.

I’ve had lots of people ask does it really work? Check out the image below and do the search yourself – both in US and UK I get the same rankings…

… see the over 8 million competing pages?

Yeap, that was done using the techniques taught here.

I’ve been through this training course (tools and Plugin included). I even learned something cool to do with Google KEEP and I had never heard of Google Keep.

Quite simply this is ‘cutting edge’ training, tactics, tools and tutorials to boost your video rankings (and money pages) Big Time without any Black Hat BS.

Clive explains, in his easy to follow ‘to the point’ videos, how to use multiple Google Properties to send Authority Backlinks to your videos. The kind of Backlinks that YouTube and Google love and will reward you for in their rankings:

==> Get a full walkthrough HERE

If you are looking to supercharge your video rankings without paying for ‘fake’ views, buying ‘spammy’ gigs or signing up for expensive Private Blog Networks you seriously need to check this out.

This is smart White Hat, no cost backlinking – I guarantee your eyes will be opened once you get your head around the concept and the possibities!

All the best,


PS – Price goes up tonight

PPS – This is something VA’s can do very cheap 😉