Social Link Machine V2 Case Study

Social Link Machine

For the PDF Version go here (it includes all the screen captures etc)
Case Study
I started using Social Link Machine pretty much as soon as it launched in June 2014. I was very
interested in the claims made during the launch and I wanted to see if I could achieve similar
I decided to install the plugin on an old niche site I had created. I had made no effort to improve
the site this year and it was just sitting there getting some organic traffic and earning a small
amount of affiliate income. I had nothing to lose by trying the plugin on this site.
So I installed the plugin and linked the following accounts:
• Delicious
• Instapaper
• StumbleUpon
• Tumblr
• Twitter
The site has 24 posts and 15 pages published. I have only published one post to the site since
installing the plugin. Otherwise it has been left untouched. Therefore I believe the results shown
below are solely from using the Social Link Machine plugin.
Since 6th June, I have used Social Link Machine to cycle through and post submissions for the 39
pieces of content twice. I could have done more, or even linked more accounts, but I was busy
with other projects. However, the results speak for themselves!


Google Analytics
If I compare the period I have had the plugin installed June 6th – November 6th, to the previous
period (January 3rd – June 5th), I see the following results from Google Analytics:
I couldn’t be happier with the increased traffic to my niche site from using Social Link Machine.
You can see from the graph that it worked very quickly and the increased traffic remained
consistent, even once it had posted submissions for all my content and was effectively inactive.
I’ll definitely continue to use the plugin on this and other sites. I will be adding more accounts to
submit to, as well as running the cycle more frequently.
Metric Before
(Jan 3rd – Jun 5th)
(Jun 6th – Nov 6th) Change
Sessions 3,963 7,137 80.1% ↑
Users 3,518 6,382 81.4% ↑
Pageviews 6,890 11,148 61.8% ↑
Avg. Session Duration 1m 41s 2m 5s 23.8% ↑
Bounce Rate 71.01% 41.12% -42.1% ↓
Alistair Gill 2 of 4Adsense
Although it wasn’t specifically my intention when I installed the plugin, I have also seen an increase
in my Adsense earnings. In fact my Adsense income increased by 110% in the period from Jun
6th-Nov 6th, compared to the previous period.
I have done no optimisation in that period, so I attribute the increase to more clicks, as a result of
the increased traffic from using Social Link Machine.
Alistair Gill 3 of 4Social Media
One of the things I’ll admit I was worried about before using this plugin was that it would seem
spammy. Setting up a social media profile to simply post links to my content without any
management or interaction on my part seemed like it could be problematic.
I expected to lose followers. However, I have actually found the opposite to be true. The Twitter
profile I linked to the plugin has seen a net increase in followers as a result of Social Link
Sure, I lost some followers, but I gained more than I lost, all without doing anything. The numbers
aren’t huge, but it’s a small niche and I have not tweeted from that profile, followed anyone,
favourited or retweeted anything, so I can only attribute the new followers to Social Link Machine.

By Alistair Gill

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