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Hi Guys

OK, so Traffic Elixir launches on the 26th of June and is amazing.

I have played around with a review copy and I know exactly how I am going to be using it. In short it drives targeted traffic by utilising Google Communities.

To see it live click here

Below are some recent screenshots and examples of the traffic generated…

te-promo3te-traffic-11te-traffic-21Think that’s cool!

My Bonus…

Me too and as a bonus I am going to give you some tips on how to use it and some Ninja SEO Tips that are working like gang busters, I could charge $97 for this info because it is that powerful. I’ll probably get shot for sharing this because nobody else is, or maybe they just don’t know what Google wants today and probably will want FOREVER.

As an added BONUS I am also going to give you a traffic source that you can buy traffic for as little as 1c per click (1.5c to 2c for UK traffic, 1c for US, Canada and Australia & the rest of the world). I use this to build lists and for ranking gains – I will reveal HOW and WHAT in the bonus 😉


OK, so I have added another 3 bonuses for you (do no worry if you have already bought Traffic Elixir through my link you’ll get these too, they are all on the same download page). They are:

Video Traffic Machine


RSS Traffic Machine



Instant Social TrafficInstant Social Traff

So, click below to see the demo’s and make sure you buy through my link to get my bonuses. JVZoo will have a separate link next to your Traffic Elixir download.


All the best


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