What Is A QRCode?

Well, for the 7th time this week I have just been asked what a QRCode is so I am going to give some examples and where they are being used and more importantly by whom.

I have already advised that the BBC are now using them on all their Cooking Programs – QRCode to be taken directly to the recipe.  Someone complained to me the other day that this only works with mobile. NOT AT ALL – check this out. It’s a small ap that uses ur webcam to scan the QRCode QuickMark

I am not going to go into the details of what they are, the history etc.  There’s only one place to check that out here

So who else are using them?

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Why do I still think these are important the Near Field Comms coming in a big way? Because NFC is still COMING, when is it going to get here to the UK and used?

Also, they are great way to market:

  • T Shirts and other promo items  -if you need help with this I have just the contact
  • Offline advertising – similar to above
  • They can go to a URL, email address, telephone number, small piece of text (upto 140 characters I think, but don’t quote me)
  • Competitions
  • ETC – for more ideas give me a call
Thats it for today, if you want any marketing advise online or offline please feel free to give me a call.