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DotComSecrets Birmingham SEO and Internet Marketing Services:

Below are some pdf documents outlining a lot of our services.

Linking doc talks about how we increase your search engine rankings by creating quality links from other sources on the internet talking about your website and business. Think of these links as votes, the more trusted, relevant and authoritative these sites are the more weight that VOTE holds.

FaceBook, everybody knows what facebook is or at least have heard of it. It is very worth while gettin a facebook page setup and optimised properly so anybody searching on facebook for your product or service may find you – 2 billion monthly users as of September 2018.

Did you know that 92% of search traffic in the UK, i.e. people doing a search on a search engine, is taken up by Google? 85% to 98% of people ignore the ads and go to the no.1 listing naturally. We call this “ORGANIC RESULTS”. In totality of the overall clicks on a search results page the No.1 organic listing gets the majority of all clicks, including the ads. In fact the no.1 position gets from 45% to 60% of all clicks, depending on  keyword, copy of the title etc.

A lead page is that page that you see all the time that is basically just there to get a customer further into the buying cycle with you, or in marketing terms “the funnel”. Local businesses don’t really need convoluted sales funnels. What you need is a page that converts the visitor into a client, or at least gets them to contact you. Phone is best, then it’s down to you to close that lead.

Ontop of all the above, if you have a project and business that you feel does not fit the above mould in anyway, give us a call and we can discuss your requirements and I am sure we can assist.

Below are some fliers for you to check out.