Here at DotComSecrets Birmingham we do not believe in package pricing. This is because the Internet and Internet Marketing is not a “one size fits all“.  This is where other firms fall down, and it is also why the term SEO has a bad reputation. The price comes after the RIGHT RESEARCH has been carried out.

Internet Marketing, and yes SEO is a part of that, is about finding out what your needs and aspirations are, what your most profitable services or products are and tailoring an online marketing campaign around those to start with.  You are free to start as big or small as you want – trust me when I always get customers spending less than they want to to start with – you need a ROI and I want you to have an ROI.

At DotComSecrets we cater for all of this, then check out what your competition are doing for those keyword terms, social media and so on and then DO IT BETTER.

The cost provided will be to ensure that we at DotComSecrets Birmingham carry out the online marketing for you in a way that will get you results.

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