Google SEO

Google SEO for the UK?

You are looking for more information on SEO, and if like all my other clients Google SEO. Why do we talk about big G? Well below is a video I have put together to help explain. However, they do have 91% of the search market in the UK.

What is SEO?

SEO is purely a way of ensuring that you appear high in the search engines for the keywords that we deem relevant for your target market and then that the search engines send you and your website that targetted traffic.

It is very involved and time consuming, however, a client does not need to know the intricacies of how it all works.


Hopefully you found the video useful.  All I would suggest is that you contact an expert on how to coreectly SEO your website, both on and off page to appease the mighty Google.  DotComSecrets Birmingham adhear to scrict on and off page SEO methos to ensure our clients rank on page one for their most profitable keywords.


Remember, SEO is an ever changing beast and what worked last month for Google SEO may not be working this month.

Keep it natural, get your clients talking about you on social media and above all else HIRE AN EXPERT!