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* Are you struggling to know who to trust in the Internet and Mobile Marketing Industry?

* Have you been let down, or even ripped off by a SO CALLED expert?

* Fed up with all the emails and telephone calls from India offering SEM (search engine marketing) Services?

* If so, for a free no pressure consultation please call 07866 493197 0r 0121 4220754.

* We are a down to earth no nonsense firm.

Who Are DotComSecrets SEO Birmingham UK – Internet Marketing Service Provider?

DotComSecrets Birmingham is an expert Internet Marketing Service business that prides itself on successfully getting its clients to Page 1 of Google for their particular industry related keywords, we use a combination of Google AdWords and search engine optimisation to assist with getting to the 1st page. ****As per Google stated policy, Brian Parnall of DotComSecrets does not have the legal right to guarantee first page search
engine placement in writing****
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It does not stop there, we will actually consult and test various ways to increase a your Click Through Rate (more people to click on YOUR site within the Google Search results) and in turn use your website or one of our lead generation websites to get you more leads.

The leads can be in the form of someone picking up the telephone, an email or an email from us after a prospect has completed a “CONTACT ME” form on your site.  Then it is down to YOU to close this brand new client.

Our services included by out marketing consultant Brian Parnall:

  • On and Off Page Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing through various web2.0 properties
  • Article writing and Submission
  • And more, if this is new to you please feel free to pick up the phone 0121 4220754 / 07866 493197

We also offer training via our Media Company

  • Search Engine Optimisation Training
  • PPC / Adwords Training
  • FaceBook Advertising Training
  • Social Media Marketing Training

Brian Parnall of DotComSecrets BirminghamMy name is Brian Parnall and  I am 35 and an ex Commercial Banking Manager.  I worked for the bank in question for 11 years, and to be honest absolutely loved certain aspects of the job.  I was also extremely proud to work for the bank that I worked for, if you get to meet me I’ll tell you which one.

I was extremely successful in my job and really enjoyed helping business owners with the funding vehicle that they needed at that particular point in time.  Some ask me why did I leave this job that I enjoyed, working for an employer that I was proud to work for and dealing with business owners which you relished?

I will try to keep this brief, I was working 70 hours a week, I was stressed and I did not like the person I was becoming at home.  The stresses came from all directions the banks and targets, customers demands and the time it took to put a proposal together to ensure that the funding was available.

Marketing Agency Birmingham

I also felt that the bank was ever more moving in a direction that I was not entirely comfortable with.  Can I say it was grating on my moral stand point and leave it there.

The other reason I left the bank was because my mother and father in-law decided that it was getting a bit much having my eldest son, Jared, after school every night. They have looked after him since he was a baby which was 6 and  a half years and the help was greatly appreciated, and still is.

Now, during my time working for the bank, I had a side line business which revolved around Internet Marketing, and to be more specific “Affiliate Marketing”, again if you are not sure what this is I will explain everything in our first meeting however, for a definition of SEO go here.

I got extremely good at getting websites to no.1 in Google and making money from them. Therefore, because I really did not want Jared going to an after school club or going of to some stranger to look after him I turned around to my wife and said “Shall I knock working for the bank on the head and do Internet Marketing full time?”. 

She said “Yes” no questions asked.

Web Designer in Birmingham

The rest is history really however, the reason that I got involved with Internet Marketing in the first place was because I always felt “TRAPPED” by a job.  I felt that my life was not my own and that I needed something different.  I don’t know if that makes any sense?  I believe I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

Now my business model could have been to purely go and create websites, rank them to the 1st page of Google and make a living that way.  However, I love spending time with business owners and would have missed that immensely.  However, more importantly during my time as a Business Banking Manager time and time again the discussion with a client would get to Internet Marketing and Google.  I would say, look I am a bit of a geek when it comes to this stuff let me have a look.

Marketing Consultant Costs A Fortune?

More often than not it would then come out that they were paying someone a fortune to do the Search Engine Optimisation for them and lets just say it wasn’t being done right.  Therefore, when I finally made the decision to leave my business model was to help business owners not get ripped off and get them to that page 1 position in Google and to ultimately sell more using the Internet to help.  SIDE NOTE: I mention Google because they have 91% of the “Search Market” in the UK.

After 10 years of Internet Marketing experience where I have been getting websites not only to the 1st page of Google but to no.1 in Google.  As a result I was approached by Russell Brunson owner of DotComSecrets to run a local chapter of DCS here in the UK and offer internet marketing and S.E.O. in Quinton.

Here’s the story…Russell had become aware of the great results I was getting with sites my sites, some of which get nearly 60k unique visitors a month.  Word had clearly started to spread about my online success, and reached clear over to Boise, Idaho (where DotComSecrets headquarters are)…. So, the next thing I knew, I was contacted by Russell to be the DCS Local Expert right here in Brum.

Also, Advertising Agency in West Midlands

Now I’m sure you can imagine what an honour it is to be “hand picked” to work with the #1 Internet Marketing Company in the World…and more so, to bring it right here to Birmingham to share with you. As you may already know, Russell really is one of the greats when it comes to making money online and teaching people how to make money online.

What does this mean for you, it means that you not only have my expertise in getting websites to rank highly within the search engines, you also benefit by having the #1 Internet Marketing Company in the world working on the organic rankings for your business, DotComSecrets

If this sounds like THE TEAM OF EXPERTS you and your business want, and more than likely NEED to be involved with simply fill in your name, business name, telephone number and email address I will call you to arrange a [FREE CONSULTATION]

That’s it Brian should be you goto…


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