SEO And Online Marketing Team Up For Profits

SEO and Online Marketing is a team effort that results in increased profit. Search Engine Optimization is the technical end of things that, if done correctly, help place your URL higher in the SERPs. However, how to market your business involves finding customers through other methods that still appear in a search engine results page. Let’s take a look at a few of the areas where these two tactics team up to improve your profits.

Web site design is as easy as using pre-bundled software that spits out a business page after quickly entering answers to a list of questions. Keep in mind that professional web sites are often identifiable simply because they all look the same. Spend time visiting the sites of the top 10 SERPs in competition with you and notice what makes them rank higher.

Blogging came into being from something called ‘web-logging’ and quickly took the promotional world by storm. You as site owner can start a thread and configure settings to allow site visitors to make comments. Additionally, blogging software has built in features to create “tags” and categories which also work hand-in-hand with SE expectations to further improve your SERPS.
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Email lists may seem as if they are alien to the efforts of Internet promotions but they are advertised from your web site or blog by extending a polite invitation to join your Newsletter. Each week, or month, you simply present a product or service special, along with another offer to entice them to subscribe and eventually divide the list into subcategories.

With the growth of social media, people from across the globe communicate with each other in ways previously unheard of. Friends, family and other contacts post short snippets about products and services, or request for the same, and soon your company name comes up for consideration.

Mobile access is no longer new but it is still untapped by too many entrepreneurs who simply don’t see the connection between cell phones and iPads to local business profits. GPS makes it possible to isolate the location of anyone doing a search engine request and your local business should be there in the list where they can choose you, instead of your competition.

A well planned business plan includes everything from deciding what products are most likely to sell to what services are in demand by the buying public. If you have not taken the time to address this most crucial part of the game plan, it is most advisable that you do so, immediately. Even if you are well set on this angle it is always a good idea to readdress the structure for possible weaknesses and correct them.

The teamwork involved in SEO and Online Marketing starts with a well laid business plan that includes a well-organized web site presentation with proper use of HTML fields for SE indexing, the knowledge and implementation of site tools such as blogging and email Newsletters, and social media and mobile marketing. The result is a winning team fully prepared to handle the increase in profits your business so needs to enjoy.