SEO – Search, Plus Your World


Seen this yet guys?  I tell you, 2012 has some really really interesting things in store for us in the world of search. Check out this, I am not going to say it better so Search plus your WORLD

Check out the video below


OK Brian, so what is all this about? Its about social media, and more importantly Google+ playing a huge part in our search reselts whether we like or not.  I don’t think I do like it, but we have to adapt and as an internet marketer this just goes to show that my clients need to ensure, with my help obviously, the below:

  • Google+
  • Shares on G+
  • Likes on G+
  • Mentions on G+
  • All the above for FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn as a minimum

Watch this space, SOCAIL is going to be our lives



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