Google Fresh or Cafine 2.0

So, Google made another change yesterday that they advised would effect 35% of results.  This is called “Google Fresh” or has also been coined “Cafine 2.0”.

OK, from what I can gather, and we are only a day in so I can’t speak with authority but we are seeing results that seem to be driven from fresh RSS feeds and xml Sitemaps.

Take a look below at how the results show – the query term was “football” here in the UK.

Google Fresh : Cafine 2.0

Notice the result has the 3 updates underneath the description – this is the result of “Google Fresh”. Obviously there are newer results on the BBC than that but Google favours these. Why, could be Google +1 and other social media shares, backlinks etc etc etc.  I will watch and test.

OK, I hope you found this useful


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